Charge It With Style

Whether it’s your tablet or your smartphone, your favorite tech gadget is so cool that it deserves something better than the standard, plain charging cable. Fortunately, many tech companies make it their mission to one-up the basic charger in favor of cables that are faster, more practical, and just better-looking.


For Your Bedside

Every time you disconnect your device from the charge cable and lift it off the nightstand, the cable slips away and disappears into that dark crack between the nightstand and the bed. It’s annoying, because you know you’ll have to go hunting for the cable the next time you need to plug in your tablet or smartphone. With the Night Cable, a cleverly designed knot near the mini-USB end weighs the cable down, holding the cord in place on a surface such as a table or dresser. The cord is about 10 feet long, coated in braided fabric for comfortable handling.

For a War Zone

If you work in a rugged environment, charging your device can expose it to damage. While you can enclose your device in a hardy case like those from Otterbox or Lifeproof, the charger cable usually remains unprotected. However, with the MOS Spring Cable, you have a charger tough enough to withstand being run over by a car. It features super-strong synthetic polymer in a weave that allows for enough flexibility.

For Multitaskers

The Epiphany onE Puck, as its name suggests, is a round device resembling a hockey puck. You can sit your mug of morning coffee on it to keep the drink warm and plug your smartphone into the provided port to juice it up.

Another multitasking device charger in the Electree, a sculptural device shaped like a bonsai tree. Its “branches” hold tiny solar panels that collect energy, which it then outputs via port to charge your smartphone.

For Campers

Taking a camping trip? Consider investing in the PowerPot. When you use the PowerPot to boil water over your campfire, the pot collects heat energy from the boiling water and converts it to usable electricity. Just connect your smartphone according to the instructions, via the provided heavy-duty cable.

For Road-Trippers

Grab a couple of Ray Solar Chargers the next time you head out on a family road trip. Stick them on the car windows that are getting the most sunlight, and these gadgets will provide enough juice to keep your devices going for hours.

For Soccer Fans

There’s a lot to love about the Soccket, an unusual type of soccer ball. Here’s the kicker─ you can use it during a backyard game with friends and then harvest the stored kinetic energy in the form of electricity.

No matter what your lifestyle may be, there’s a cooler way to charge your phones and tablets. Explore the possibilities and try out a new charging method that will wow your friends─ and recycle energy at the same time.