The Surface Pro 4 – Do You Like It?

surfacepro4mineI recently bought a new Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft in order to replace my laptop.  My laptop was actually working fine, however I’m on the go a lot, and I always have to take my laptop with me when I travel.  So, an extra 2 pounds adds up to a lot when you’re schlepping a lot of gear.

I read a lot about some potential bugs when the Surface was first released, however I have to say that I’m completely happy with mine!  I really like it quite a bit.  My old Lenovo T420s did not have the best screen.  The colors were extremely washed out and the contrast was low.  It was not pretty at all.  That was fine because I only used it for work, which consisted mostly of web publishing and writing and fiddling with Excel spreadsheets.

However after getting my mitts on my new Surface I have to say, the display is a thing of beauty.  I am now more likely to want to watch web videos simply because they look so good on this display.  Wheres with the T420s I rarely watched web videos because they just didn’t look that great.

The computer itself is like a tablet but it has the soul of a regular Windows computer – which is super important to me.  I need to be able to compute as normal when I’m traveling.  That means that I couldn’t use an iPad…it was too difficult to exchange files, move between programs, and publish online.

Plus, I’ve been using Microsoft my entire life.  I have a lot of PC software, and plus I’m just used to it.  I am actually rooting for Microsoft with their new Surface Book and also the continuation of the Surface Pro line.

Despite the bugs at launch I think that many people are quite happy with their new tablets.  It’s very nice to finally have something that I was hoping the iPad could be years ago.

Do you have the new Surface?  What do you think of it?  What do you use it for?